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Thread: Tire Plug/Patch

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    Tire Plug/Patch

    So when dropping off my Z8 yesterday for a ceramic coat I notice this screw stuck in my tire.

    Is it safe to have it plugged or patched? I don't track the car so driving at excessive speeds is not an issue.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Is the tire actually losing pressure with the bolt removed? If not, you might have gotten lucky and the bolt may not have punctured the inner casing of the tire. If it is losing pressure, conventional wisdom would suggest that the location of the bolt in the tread vs. the sidewall means that properly repaired (with the tire being removed from the rim and patched from the inside), the tire can be safely used for conventional driving. Having said that, the date code on the tire appears to be 5211, which would mean the tire was manufactured the 52nd week of 2011. If that is correct, the tire is 10 years old and is overdue for replacement even if it visually appears to be in good shape.Taking everything into account, the prudent course of action would be to replace the tire(s).

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    It does not look like it is, even though on the borderline. I would not risk it there.
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