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Thread: Performance Package install problems

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    Performance Package install problems

    I tried to have the PP installed at my local dealer in Huntington, NY. We ordered the parts and when they arrived the dealership sent me to the collision dept. to have it done there (they had never installed a PP). The BMW collision dept. told me they would rather not get involved as it would likely take more than the 8.5 hours BMW says it will take, and he felt he would loose money time-wise on this job. Very frustrating! Has anyone had a positive experience here in the NY area with the PP install? Thanks for the help.
    Also, changed my tires this week to MPS2 and they are great. Car has a softer ride and terrific grip! Thanks, GMG53

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    Thanks for the info on the PS2 tires as I'm planning to upgrade soon. Can't help on the PP though.