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Thread: The long journey home

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    Smile The long journey home

    Today, I received my new old 2002 Topaz / Crema Z8 from Peter Pan. More will follow on the full Alpina conversion of and additions to this car, but I just wanted to share my excitement of receiving my new baby.
    I had become attached to my old silver Z8. There is nothing like the deep silver to show off the lines of the roadster. She ran strong at MITM, but as some of you will remember, she had a checkered past (not to be confused with the flags), so it was time to move on. Anyway, a quick synopsis is that Dana Caldwell at Peter Pan took on the task of reconciliation - a noble man in the world of car dealers, a patient man who respected my requests to build my dream car and an auto enthusiast himself who understood another enthusiast's appreciation for the details.

    (Please excuse the phone camera pics on Andrew's site, but it's all I had and my hands were a shakin'. When I clean her up, more pics will follow.)

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    What a beautiful car!!

    but then again I saw it in the flesh at Peter Pan.

    Indeed Dana is really an exceptional man in the motor trade, and I hope BMW NA are taking notice of just what a great impression he has made on our small community.
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Congratulations Ted,

    can't wait to hopefully see you in your new Z8 when we meet next in the middle. You mentioned Alpina conversion. Is it an Alpina or did you do modifications, like the wheels? I don't think Alpinas came in Topaz - which is a beautiful color by the way!

    My Eisenmann exhausts are finally sitting here in my office waiting for the weather to clear up. Thank you again for orchestrating the group purchase - it must have been really frustrating for you to deal with this project.

    Happy motoring,


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    Some better pics

    Hello Christian,
    Here are some better views of the car post-conversion by Peter Pan. I have actually done a full Alpina suspension (struts, shocks and springs) and wheel conversion, as well some other things. I am very happy with the results. In fact, I have been out tooling around as much as I can. I can't get enough of the Eisenmann deep resonance with the top down. It's amazing how the Z8 heater and one notch on the seat warmers can keep it toasty, even when it's 34 degrees in California.
    I'll look forward to hearing how you enjoy your Eisenmann's. It's nice that we have a happy ending with the group purchase ... and another Z8 story - the case of the "almost lost" exhausts.
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    She's beautiful! The journey was long, but I'm glad you've finally received you car. I can't wait to see it in person.

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    The new car is STUNNING!

    I wish you many happy motoring hours in your new beauty!
    Also, thank you for orchestrating the Eisenmann group purchase.
    I have to wait until April for mine.
    Not only bears hibernate . .

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    I appreciate the appreciation.

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    Thanks for the Eisenmann work ! Mine are soon to be installed. Lovely car by the way.

    Dave P

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    more good wishes

    Enjoy your new beauty, and thanks for your help with the Eisenmanns. My installation was sidetracked by the ice in Austin, but should be completed next week.

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    The Topaz / Crema is an exceptional combo. While I remain very fond of my silver / red, your colors would be on the short list if I were to part with my euro.

    34 degrees!? I have braved the mid 50s and agree that the heater and seat warmers do a nice job but my ears suffered for want of muffs!