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Thread: Looks like Astons front frame is much better

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    Looks like Astons front frame is much better

    Found a picture of an Aston Martin Vanquish front frame looks like BMW should take a lesson for our cars. Does the 2003 Alpina have the same problem with frame ditortion?

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    The Alpina has the same issue...

    but the lack of runflat tires, the lighter motor and the more compliant suspension all work in harmony to reduce the chance of it being damaged. An Alpina will need a bigger badder pothole or bridge join to generate the forces required to distort the frame and suffer the same damage as a Z8.
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    You've got that right Edwin, I examined the same a couple a weeks ago and was very impressed as the Astons casting is lovely. Did you drive it?....awesome.

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    Frame - Aston

    Those multiple bends - on both sides of the frame - and the crown brace add up to a massive amount of reinforcement ! I am intrigued. Does the DB9 have the same ?

    Dave P

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    The black portions in the front look like the are energy absorbing in a crash - probably also part of the recent EU pedestrian protection laws. Looks like the front "clip" is somewhat easily replaced. if they can just reduce the weight.