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Thread: Recently posted U-Tube review with Celebrity owner list

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    Recently posted U-Tube review with Celebrity owner list

    It looks like this video review was posted about two weeks ago. I also captured from the video a still with a listing of celebrity owners they displayed.

    Skip Hammerman

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    Thanks for posting, really interesting to see the graphic about celebrity ownership. Carlos Santana! Video was good too, very similar to the Harry’s Garage review “I didn’t understand it then but it makes sense now”.
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    Perhaps recently posted, but the shoot had to have been several years ago. Owner made a reference to the 507 being up `around a million' (pounds, I presume). 507's have been up around 1.75-2m for quite a few years now. Or perhaps the Z8 owner simply was clueless regarding the 507 market.

    I stand corrected...during shoot, moderator mentions it's owner just doesn't have a clue on 507 values. Overall, a pretty decent video.
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    Thanks for posting, Skip. A fun review. It's hard for me to look at the Z8 from the perspective of a person seeing the car for the first time, so it was quite interesting. We're all familiar with the quirks of the Z8, but most people never experience it themselves. I've had so many people over the years mistakenly thinking this is a new BMW. They're always gobsmacked when I tell them it's 20 years old. Fun!!
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    Speaking of recently posted YouTube reviews:

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