Please mark Saturday June 3rd on your calendars for the next LA Area Z8’s meetup and drive. I plan to organize a drive up Angeles Crest Highway from La Canada, with lunch in Wrightwood. Time and place to meet shall be announced in the future. This will be a great opportunity to drive your beautiful car on an amazing road while enjoying the rare sight of being surrounded by other beautiful Z8s. Anyone who wants to attend from Orange County or places south will have the option to peel off after lunch to the freeway to easily make the drive back home.

At the last drive the weather was not very cooperative but I had the good fortune of meeting and spending about an hour talking with Macfly before the drive (thanks Andrew!!!). He shared lots of historical information with me about his Z8 website, and the drives and trips that the Z8 owners used to do. If you have not already done so, take a look at the 3 pages in this “Drives, Trips and Events” section, especially the older entries. Its amazing! I am jealous of all the fun and adventures that these owners had on those drives and outings. I hope to bump start this group into doing some more fun Z8 events. Its clear from the comments that many of you are also interested. I look forward to meeting you and welcome your help.

Please reply to this thread if you plan to attend.