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Thread: Diff and trans fluid flush

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    Diff and trans fluid flush

    I am going to attempt to change the fluid in my differential and transmission. What type of oil do I use in each? Also what are the quantities needed?

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    I honestly don't remember, I'd follow the specs in the manual, it's been an age since I've had a Z8 myself, I just keep the board running for old times sake.
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    I did the same thing about 5 months ago and just had a look in the invoice from BMW.
    It says : BMW Synthetik OSP for the differential and Transmax manu 75W90 for the transmission.
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    With respect to capacity I had mine recently changed too and it took 2 quarts each for the transmission and differential. I noticed Karstenís signature says that he has an Alpina - while I donít think there is any difference between the automatic and manual transmission fluids, I have a manual and used Redline D4 ATF fluid.
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    Here are my notes from the last time I changed the transmission & differential fluids.

    Transmission: new fluid BMW MTF LT-2, and new drain & fill plugs. It was difficult to remove existing drain & fill plugs, both 17mm hex head. Hard to know how much force it took to break them loose, but it was hundreds of pounds. Old fluid was opaque, dark and had noticeable metallic dust/particles when catch pan was taken into sunlight. Just under 2 liters to refill, new fluid is pale yellow. Torque to 38 ft/lbs.

    Differential: new fluid is BMW SAF carbon mod gear oil 75W-85. Comes in 500ml bottles at $65 bottle. New drain & fill plugs. Removed drain & fill plugs with 14mm Allen head socket. Old fluid was slightly dark, opaque with fine metallic dust/particles. Took just under 1 liter to fill. Fresh fluid is pale yellow. Torque to 44 ft/lbs.

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