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Thread: Wall Street Journal - 1/24/23 - My Ride Column - BMW Z8

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    Wall Street Journal - 1/24/23 - My Ride Column - BMW Z8

    If anyone subscribes to the WSJ. In today's "My Ride" column, there is a nice little article on a Z8. Thought it may be of interest. Is the owner of the car anyone here on the forum?

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    The owner is here (not me)... A friend of mine sent it to me. Sorry about the sideways photo - not sure why. Andrew, can you fix?
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    Thanks for posting the story. Yes, that car is mine and I follow this wonderful resource site regularly. The article was a lot of fun to put together, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with the writer, AJ Baime. His column 'My Ride' is one of my favorites in the Wall Street Journal and he was first class all the way. He was genuinely very complimentary of the Z8 as well.

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