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Thread: 27.2 Million Dollars For The Fix?

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    Thumbs down 27.2 Million Dollars For The Fix?

    This is the total amount BMW will get for selling us our "fix" for the suspension defect. This amount is "inclusive of installation" and seems ridiculous.

    $4900 X 5550 Z8s worldwide = $27,195,000 US Dollars

    Anyone else have an issue with this?
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    You Bet!!

    This is what I believe to be a reasonable action by BMW:

    1) BMW - Quit calling this a "performance upgrade"*. Call it what it is - a "latent defect repair". (Naming this a "performance upgrade" is a clever - not to mention DECEITFUL - way to extract additional money from unwitting customers.) Who wouldn't want a performance upgrade? However, a latent defect repair is a different story altogether.

    2) BMW install the "latent defect repair" to all Z8s at no expense to the owner.

    3) Stand behind their product for 50 years as they've quoted in the past.

    No Z8 owner should accept anything less. As soon as the first person pays for the repair, the stage will be set for BMW to continue on their course of charging for what should have been done in the first place.

    * "Performance upgrade" gives the illusion that you will be getting better performance for a product - like a performance chip. This is something that people are willing (and expect to) pay for if they wish to have that additional performance. The naming convention BMW used for this shows me exactly the lengths they'll go to to rip their customers off.

    This cannot be considered a performance upgrade by any stretch of the imagination. It merely protects your vehicle from road damage during normal driving conditions, on normal roads. Hardly has anything to do with performance does it?

    Unless BMW does the right thing, this is definitely my last BMW ever. Period!

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    There is one more issue with the "performance kit" under these circumstances. BMW says:

    "It increases the stiffness in the front end of the vehicle and counteracts body
    deformation effects caused by ambitious sporty driving on bad road surfaces.
    The package does not enhance vehicle performance during normal driving

    So the "performance improvement" is effective only during ambitious sporty driving on bad road surfaces.
    Which means, it has no effect
    - when driving ambitiously on smooth roads
    - when driving normally on bad road surfaces

    And the essence is:
    If you bend the car, you did the wrong thing. We provide you with a reinforcement that will help you to do this outrageous driving that you do, but there is no guarantee that it won't bend thereafter. And if you come back from your dirty driving with a damage, we will tell you that you drove to hard, even our performance kit couldn't help you anymore.

    The fault will always be on our side if anything is bent according to this letter.
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    Have there been any reported problem in the rear too. Also why has BMW waited so long and not offered to check all Z8 during our oil changes and check our frames, therefore they maybe able to know if it is a production problem (only effecting some z8, which years ertc.) or an original frame defect..... why