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Thread: The Magnificent Mullin Museum

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    The Magnificent Mullin Museum

    I got a private tour today from Merle Mullin, who is overflowing with passion and stories of each and every car in their massive collection. It was such a joy hearing her tell the stories of how the cars were found, the restoration choices, and of course the shows and drives they've all been on together. I can't repeat all the tales, but here's some snaps of my magical day with Merle, a true car enthusiast if ever there was one!

    Go see this show on the coach builders of France, it's gorgeous!
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    Fantastic photos, Andrew! Although I have never been a fan of French automobiles of the post-war era, the pre-war French cars set the standard for cutting-edge style. Pure Sex on Wheels!

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    Beautiful photos Andrew! That is a fantastic tour of the museum. Love those pre-war designs…absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing them!
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    Wow fantastique!!!

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