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Thread: Gauge cluster lens cleaning

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    Gauge cluster lens cleaning

    I've noticed that the back of my gauge lenses have spots and need a good cleaning. Are the bezels removable without removing the gauges and that entire cluster?
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    I don't think the bezel will come off. Basically the bezel is part of a round sleeve that the instrument snaps inside of from the rear. To get the glass out I had to remove the instrument cluster (four screws once you pry up the dash panels on either side, then unclip all the wiring). Then you can remove the individual instruments from the rear of the cluster. Then for each instrument you will see how the outer barrel is clipped/snapped to the guts of the instrument. Unclip/unsnap and slide the instrument guts out. Then you are left with the loose instrument lens at the bottom of the barrel.

    It's really not that bad/hard of a project. You just need a quiet afternoon and some patience -

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