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Thread: Three coffee table books on ebay NOW ( same seller)

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    Three coffee table books on ebay NOW ( same seller)

    Somehow or another this person has had five, new in the box, coffee table books. They sold two recently, on ebay. Now posted are the remaining three. There is one black/black and two black/silver. The buy it now price is $1500, per book. That seems pretty reasonable with the box and leather wrap. One might want to ask what the vin on the id plates are. Good luck to any one who needs this precious item.

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    Wow! I wonder how one person came to possess five books?

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    the vin numbers are: 61947,61615, and 61111. Do we know anyone who owns these cars?

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    No, I'd guess it must be either someone connected to a dealership, or possibly BMW NA as it's not easy to come by the books as we all know.

    Of those three cars only 61947 appears in our history, seen here for sale in 2012 at EAG, curiously with it's book.

    That owner last visited the board in 2014, so my guess is that car has been sold on, and oddly EAG seem to have deleted their profile, though they show up as active in the forum CP they haven't visited since 2019.
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