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Thread: 20 YEAR maintenance

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    20 YEAR maintenance

    Hi all,

    Well, my car is officially 20 years old! Still looks great and drives amazingly. To keep it that way, I was going to undertake a summer project of completing all the maintenance bits I should... I have been following the general guidelines on the site for fluids, etc. but was just wondering if anyone has started a 20 year list of things that might have been missed.

    Please post anything you have either done or heard about from your service folks, and I will do the same once I complete my research.

    I am starting with all of my fluid changes this weekend - are people still using the great fluid recommendations posted on the site, or has everyone switched to the official BMW OEM fluids (e.g. OSP for the rear diff vs red line 75w90)?

    Thanks all!


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    Patrick - this older plan that is posted on the site might be a good starting point to develop a 20 year plan:
    Skip Hammerman

    2002 BMW Z8 - Meisterschaft GT, PP installed, CDV delete. 100,000 Mile Club
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    Thanks Skip - are there any opinions on fluid types? I called my local dealer and they don't have stock for the diff oil BMW currently recommends so I was going to get the Redline from Amazon... the following had been recommended before, but in checking online, it seems people may be going back to the OEM fluids.

    Recommendations on site (Thanks Carlos and Andrew!)

    Stick with the BMW Motorsport 10W 60 Motor Oil for the engine. It's the only thing to use...period. You can read all about elsewhere on this site.
    For the transmission, I use Red Line MTL. This is what Mike Miller of BMW Roundel fame recommends in his "Old School Maintenance" schedule and what I've been using on my BMWs for several years (decades).
    For the diff, I use Red Line 75W 90 gear oil. Again, what Mike Miller recommends and what I've been using on my BMWs for several years (decades).
    For the coolant, make sure you stick with the BMW stuff. Anything else will wreak havoc on the aluminium S62 engine.
    For brake fluid, I use ATE gold then switch to blue then gold and so on so that I can see when I've changed all the fluid.
    For power steering (don't forget this one), I use Red Line ATF.

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    I use Liqui Moly 10W60 Synthetic, period. Four Blackstone Labs analyses confirm my preference. I use Red Line (according to their recommendations) for the other fluids.

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