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Thread: WTB a Fisrt Aid Kit

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    Question WTB a Fisrt Aid Kit

    hi all
    as you ,early days with the 8 , i am trying to make it "as new".
    i am collecting as much as i can orginal BMW document ( brochure ..) and all kind of Z8 object i can find on the web..

    i have noticed that the US car were delivered with a nice ,( leather i think ), first aid kit ( in europe it was delivered in red nylon bag ( less elegant )

    so shall any one of you , want to get rid of this fisrt aid kit , i ll be happy to purchase it .

    by the way , happy to purchase any collectible item Z8 you may to want to sell as well, although on this forum , i doubt i ll find some one willing to let go some stuff ,
    May be if you have it in double / triple ..

    thx to send MP

    benoit from France

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    You should keep an eye on the US Ebay also, things like this do appear there too.
    Andrew Macpherson

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    hi Andrew
    you are right !
    i have on ebay a search on this - should received email when and if available ..if you guys could send me few pictures , it would help me to visualize what it should be precisly .please confirm that the outer case is in leather

    thx all

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    Hello Benoit, the outer case of the first aid kit is vinyl, not real leather.

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    Thx Boomster , sad news ... in the other hand it make it probably cheaper and easier to find - anyt think specific on it that remember Z8 ? or is it the "normal " staff that BMW was delivering for any car in the 2000's years ?any dimension that may help me to identify the right one on the web ?thx b

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    From memory its just a standard BMW part, it isn't Z8 badged, so it should be easy to find.
    Andrew Macpherson

    Expert Z8 Inspections, with full support for both Z8 sale and purchases.

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    My first-aid kit is long and skinny, but it's a BMW OEM kit. It fits next to the triangles under the trunk floor and leaves the space on the left for the tire-inflator kit atop a square liter of Liqui Moly 10-60.

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    THx Satch , good to know ..
    it seems that in US it is more easy to find ..
    still trying to find something here in Europe to avoid the tax but soon , unless i am lucky , i ll buy it in US from ebay..

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    Satch, you sure you're not looking in the trunk of your Z4? I'm pretty sure the Z8 came with a rectangular first aid kit, similar to the one Benoit showed in post #1. Also pretty sure the Z8 did not come with a safety triangle, nor did it come with a tire inflation kit!

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    My triangle(s) didn't come with the car, nor did the first-aid kit. The kit I procured is similar the the one shown on The triangle in my Z4 fits in a Euro-only bracket. The Z8 has a set of brackets by the battery that neatly hold TWO Euro triangles!

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    The Alpina did come standard with the tire inflation kit, but I believe thatís because it did not have run flats and, of course, no spare. Itís the same standard BMW tire inflation kit you could buy from the BMW Parts shop, not specifically BMW Roadster V8 (Z8). Sadly it did not come with a safety triangle either.
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