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Thread: Sebastian Vettel Needs Cash

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    Sebastian Vettel Needs Cash

    I’m sure you have heard that poor ol’ Sebastian Vettel has put his Ferraris up for sale… along with a couple of other significant cars, including a couple of wicked Merc AMGs.

    And his BMW Z8.

    You may have forgotten Vettel’s BMW connection, but he was one of their promising young drivers, and got his first F1 drive, I believe, when he replaced Robert Kubica at Indianapolis (was it 2007?). Anyway, Vettel apparently liked the Z8, because he bought a U.S.-spec car and had it converted (by BMW Group Classic, of course) to Euro specs.

    Now it seems to be listed for £175,000, which is a little under $250,000… for a Z8 in Titanium Silver.Eew. (I may have misunderstood the reference site; this may have been the sale price at auction. But I don't think so, since that would have to include an autographed helmet in the trunk or something.)

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    I guess he didn't get a very good deal at Aston Martin then. He certainly disappointed at Ferrari and opened the door for Leclerc to shine.

    He must be going through a dark night of the soul now, and hope that the rebranded Force India, Pink Panther will prove more to his liking. I can't even imagine how hard those cars must be to drive on the limit, where a fraction of a second at jet fighter speeds is the difference between hero and zero.

    That said, I really enjoyed seeing George Russell's incredible stand in moment at Mercedes, that was one of the best moments of the season, I hope that it's going to be well featured on Netflix's Drive to Survive.
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