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Thread: happy owner

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    happy owner

    hello all
    since October i was actively searching my Z8 ..and i thank all of you for your support in responding my amateur /beginner questions during this 4-5 months ... but now i am happy to report that i am officially ( almost ) owner of one as well !

    it went very fast ..staurday , 8 days a go a new one came on the EU market and since i start to know what good look like after few visits n i have been able to engage almost immediatly , et voila , deposit paid ..paper signed ..

    it is very late august /03 production model, stratus over black
    the car is in mint condition , i ll be the 3 owner ., the 2 previous one were German

    it s VIN number is WBAEJ11040AF80130
    any add data you could get from this number are of interrest for me .

    the car is delivered with all accessories , in table book .. so no search on it -
    last point before to get the car , is the installation of the Performance Package . the dealer will take care of this before delivery as well as a full BMW inspection II.

    so i ll count the days before my toy arrive home !

    thx again for your assistance , for sure i ll soon have add questions but for now .. dream only -

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    Congratulation Benoit! Looks like you found a good one in a rare specification. You will love it!

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    Congratulations Benoit! What a beauty!!!
    Skip Hammerman

    2002 BMW Z8 - Meisterschaft GT, PP installed, CDV delete. 110,000+ Mile Club
    2013 BMW X3
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    Mes félicitations Benoit!! As others have stated, please drive it as much as you can - an amazing machine that is meant to be enjoyed regularly! I have owned mine for 8 years now, and I still smile ear to ear during each voyage.Amuse-toi bien!Patrick

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    Fantastic news, bravo and welcome to the club!!
    Andrew Macpherson

    Expert Z8 Inspections, with full support for both Z8 sale and purchases.

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    Love the color! Congratulations!
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    Great find! Congratulations!
    2000 Red over black
    heavily modified for performance. Although, not to the level of GM's car

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    Congratulations Benoit!
    1 of the 71 original Dutch sold cars (jetblack/red)

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    Congratulations Benoit - that is a great looking Z8! Here's to many enjoyable miles, and to getting the hard top to fit in your garage!

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    merci to all -
    happy to be real member now -

    for the Hard top , easy hoists ( Based in UK now ) - Andrew - is really provinding good advice and solution - they have taken the licence from the former EZ hoists ( USA based ) that did bankrupted .
    beside the electric motor that they are not supplying - winch only - this is exactly same - Price is slightly more expensive than market but design worth it , acc to me , since it does not damage the seals so it can be a solution to protect and store hard top for long time .
    i ll buy this solution most probably

    i have alos identified a solution to hang up the hard top on a wall.. so from the trolley , to the wall and ceiling .. i am on top of it now -


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    Congratulations Benoit - beautiful Z8 and quite a find!

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    the car is due to arrive next week , tuesday .. i am counting the days ..the longer we wait , ..i am sure you lal have been the same .. a kind of kind christmas but for adults -

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    Congratulations on your find! You’ll love every mile you put on it.
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    Hello Benoit, I guess this is your car?

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    hello Benjamin , in deed , great that you spotted it ..well done !i know the guy Philipp Nemeth and he knows the POA people , they were happy ( and so am i ) about doing something about Z8 on the list is the Porsche 928, another interresting car from a design point of view .benoit

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