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Thread: WTB Silver/Red or Black/Red Driver

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    WTB Silver/Red or Black/Red Driver

    Hi all, recently missed out on a couple of black/red cars on BaT that went higher than I was hoping, so I figured I'd see if anyone here has a car they're looking to sell. I'm wanting a car to drive regularly so don't mind a few miles on the clock, as long as the car has been maintained. Let me know what you've got or if you've seen one at a dealer I may have missed in my online search. Thanks!

    Also, anyone seen/know the car in the ad linked below? Color combo is my third choice, but the price is reasonable.

    2003 Used BMW Z8 at Sports Car Company, Inc. Serving La Jolla, CA, IID 20474581



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    Simon - I tried searching the VIN on this site and did not see anything come up - not that it would mean that no one hear has owned or knows the car. As it is in California there are many forum members that might be able to provide assistance or guidance on checking it out. Be sure to use the long check list posted by one of our members on pretty much every BaT listing as an initial guide! Good luck with your search - hope to see in one behind the wheel soon!
    Skip Hammerman

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    I really appreciate the help and reply, Skip. I called the dealer of the black/black car I linked above and unfortunately felt like I was talking to someone trying to sell me a used Yugo. Didn't have any service records and just kept saying it has a clean Carfax with service entries. Then he insisted the Performance Package was totally unnecessary on a 2003 car because the strut towers only needed reinforcing in the couple hundred cars that were built in 2000, and BMW corrected the issue from 2001 on. Then when asked about the tail lights or anything else, he would just say the car was perfect and would be gone by next week. I suppose the car may well be perfect, and it would be a shame if it is, but it's been a while since I've come across someone who so embodied the "used car salesman" caricature --on a $170k car no less. Oh well. The search goes on.

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    I'm probably going to be selling a black/black (60211) pretty soon. It is the higher mileage car that was on BAT - twice! I was the high bidder on the last RNM auction and worked out a sale. It is a great Z8, I learned a lot about the cars and fixed a bunch of little things. Don't really want to sell it, but recently acquired a low mileage topaz. I know a lot of people on here keep one to drive and one to look at - so it wouldn't be nuts to keep both - but I really should move it along to someone else. The BAT listings were 5/21/19 and 7/26/18 for research purposes. Current mileage is ~51,000.

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    Never heard that story on the performance package need before.
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    No.... they absolutely did not “fix” the strut towers after 2000... there was no engineering changes, and I know of examples that suffered the problem after 2000 model yr. for sure.

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    As several car-guys have reportedly learned over time, use care and, as always, “buyer beware” with some certain dealers! Do your homework. I’ve toyed with selling my current 2001 silver-red/black car recently. (My 3d Z8). 17k miles and “mighty fine”. PM me if you want to discuss or details, Simontan. By the way, all of mine got/have the Perf Pkg. My motto...don’t leave home without it!
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