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Thread: Great Z8 collection in the Netherlands

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    Great Z8 collection in the Netherlands

    A few years ago, I had the chance to visit this car collection. The owner has eleven Z8s and a 507!

    Here's a translation of the message under the video:

    "About five years ago, an entrepreneur from Brabant (The Netherlands) sold his company and bought himself a BMW Z8. What he didn't know is that this open two-seater was the starting point of a new hobby. He started collecting BMWs. Proud of his collection, the former entrepreneur invited Autovisie to visit his collection, because "more and more people are interested in it".

    We found out that he didn't limit himself to just one Z8. He bought a second one. And a third. Then a fourth came his way. And so he now owns no less than eleven units of the Z8! BMW supplied the open two-seater, which was presented in 1999, in five official colors and you guessed it: this collector has all the colors. His collection also includes a special version with an exclusive Individual color for the Canadian market, as well as an Alpina V8 Roadster from an edition of 555 units.

    And obviously the collection includes the eccentric Z1, the exotic M1 and the very special 507. He has the trio fraternally side by side. Also the Isetta is not missing, just like the striking 328 Roadster. The 503 as Coupé in a color of which only 4 exist, the original 503 Cabriolet, the fully restored 2002 Tii, the 2000 CS and the lightweight 3.0 CSL are not missing either. All cars tell a story. The M1 turned up unexpectedly in an Italian barn ( After a complete restoration at BMW Classic, this sports car is now in the Netherlands. Also unique in the Netherlands and even in the rest of the world is the very last BMW M3 Convertible, which is also the very last M3 with a V8 engine. Of course there is only one unit!

    Autovisie editor Sjoerd van Bilsen presents the collection, which has more than 30 cars. He tells you interesting facts about the different models and also explains why a Fiat Topolino stands among the German coupés and limousines. If you are a true BMW connoisseur, then share your knowledge with other enthusiasts and put your story under the video. For example, about the key of the Z8, on which no key fob can be attached, or why the 327 is actually a BMW."

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    Awesome, good for him!
    Andrew Macpherson

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    That is incredible! WOW! I wish this would be in English (or Finnish ).
    Skip Hammerman

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    Surely our good friend Ton must have visited this collection?

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    Harrie has a wonderful collection of all kind of BMW's, where the 507 and the M1 are the pinnacle! He also owns one of the Canadian Z8 (Evie's car) I showed him a bit around in the history of the Z8 ;-)
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