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Thread: Recognize US vs EU Z8

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    Recognize US vs EU Z8

    hi all
    as indicated in other post , i am currently searching for an EU Z8.
    thus this question - without having the VIN number which obviously is the ultimate proof , what are the others details that varies from US vs EU car ?

    to my knowledge :
    • Odometer - miles vs Km- easily changeable
    • repeater on rear wings - very often removed
    • Rear stop lights - All orange in US , orange and Red in EU but can also be changed

    • the coffee cup holder for passenger seems THE detail to pay attention at - Present in US but not for EU cars

    others details that are easily identifiable with pictures ?

    many thanks


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    One detail not easily changed is the recessed area on the rear bumper where the license plate resides. The the bottom edge of the recess on an EU car will be a straight line running from the fog light across to the backup light, whereas on the US version there is an indentation in the middle of the bottom edge to accommodate the taller US license plates. Illustration of this difference can be seen in some shots in the "What is my color" sticky thread preceding this thread. Posting #13 contains a photo of two blue EU bumpers, while post #62 gives a good shot of a US bumper.

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    Other details which differ:
    - tachometer
    - fuel gauge (the US one shows "unleaded fuel only"
    - the outer rear-view mirros differ (difficult to see)
    - head lights (difficult to see)
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    The most important IMO are the amber turn indicating lights. I love those. 😍

    The driver's side view mirror is bi-plane. My EU car (from Germany) came with a cup holder.
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    Those differences can also be found here: I'll insert pictures to illustrate them.

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    Thank you alli am think i am now well equipped to recognize from picture ( without the official paper ) a US / EU car in deed the bumber is a big one ,quite easy to recognize ..Merci ll for your inputsvery helpful for my journey !benoit

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    Hi Benoit,Australia is same as EU except Right Hand Drive. My avatar as example. Cheers

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    just a minor difference !!!