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Thread: Look at my (Z8) belly

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    Look at my (Z8) belly

    Put some new rear tires on my 108,000+ mile Z8 today as I was down to 4/32 the Bridgestone Potenza S-04 tires I put on 4 years and 8K miles ago. Actually quite surprised that they were as done as they were. Maybe it's my heavy right foot... The fronts are at 8/32. So I only put about 2K miles a year on it the last four years. It had 28K miles in 2005 when I got the car so I actually have 80K miles of personal seat time. Anybody else here can say the same?

    While the car was on the lift i was able to take a good look at the belly and things looked quite good except the one (self inflicted - don't ask...) blemish on the panel protecting the engine on the front right side. Replacing that panel (which I might do at some point) and a good scrub could make it pretty good looking! Actually quite pleasantly surprised how nice things were considering that I drive it quite a bit. In fact, taking it for a 1,200 mile or so recon trip in two weeks to check out the roads for our Porsche Club fall drive later in October.
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    108,000 miles!! You are inspiring.