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Thread: The world is not enough, but a single pothole is...

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    The world is not enough, but a single pothole is...

    Since I posted this elsewhere, I will do this here as well for the records:

    Does a single pothole hurt?

    I myself made the miserable experience a couple of weeks ago, driving another owner's Z8.
    We measured the towers using a ruler before we started to drive. They were almost flat, the "bulging" was about 1 mm on either side, nothing to worry about.
    During our short trip, I was allowed to drive a short time myself. Believe it or not, half a mile down the road there was the famous pothole waiting for me, I saw it too late and hit it with the left front wheel. All I could do was to take my foot off the brake pedal to ease the pain.
    After the impact, we immediately went back and measured the strut towers in the same way we had done before. The left one's bulging was now 3 mm. One single pothole, speed was about 50 mph. In my 7 series I wouldn't have thought about this kind of impact for a second.
    Here it bend a strut tower such that it was easily measurable with a simple ruler.
    Needless to say that this was a most embarrassing experience for me, and I can only thank the owner for the way he handled this.

    Measure the top of your strut towers, if they are not flat (follow Juergen Wunderlich's suggestion), you have an issue. It is certainly correct that a lot of cars have some kind of damage in this area, however, most of those are steel cars, which is a completely different story.
    Andrew warned several times that driving may cause further damage, and he was laughed at for it. I can only confirm, that a single pothole was enough in this case.
    Best regards, Dieter


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    Sorry to hear your sad tale, especially since it was someone else's car.

    Now that Spring has arrived here in New Hampshire, the temptation is great to get the Z out on the road, but logic has prevailed, and I will wait until the fix is done before I drive it again.

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    Yikes---Lesson well taken. Sorry you had to experience it.

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    Wow- Sorry to read that Dieter. Hopefully we will hear something from BMW soon.

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    Thank you Dieter....

    after all the critiscism I've been picking up on the other side it is nice to have some of the facts put down here too. I really wish Seth's car had suffered the same damage too, all I can say is better luck to the next pothole!
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Quote Originally Posted by macfly
    I really wish Seth's car had suffered the same damage too, all I can say is better luck to the next pothole!
    Andrew, what kind remark is that? Sowing seeds of discord seems to be counterproductive, no?

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    "falsely yelling fire in a crowded movie theatre."

    Nobody is overstating the problem, certainly not MACFLY. Is some distortion "normal"? I would have to say most definately. Just last month I took my 'oo Expedition in for an alignment, and they had to install a "camber/caster kit" to bring it into spec because of some shock tower distortion. This was a device that allows them to install shims as needed, now, and in the future.

    I can tell you first hand, that Macfly and others are absolutly right about the "one pothole" theory, and the risks in continuing to drive the car. When this frame issue first came up, I checked my car: No gap issues, minor crowning. I have continued to drive the car some, not a lot. Many of my local country roads are far less than perfect, and the odd pothole is not infrequent. My car has hit at least one, pretty hard, and have been able to see, and measure a substantial difference in the doming of at least one of my towers, perhaps 2-3mm increase. Yet still no gap issues at all, not even slightly. So has driving caused more damage? Without question. Was the caution about driving the car well founded? Absolutly. Does this affect driveability? Not that I can tell. Safety? I seriously doubt it. Resale? No way (but I'm not selling, so who cares). Do I have regrets? None at all. I refuse to be kept hostage. I believe that BMWs fix will take care of this minor distortion, and prevent or minimize further deformation. Call me crazy, but I'm still driving. It's just a car, and this too shall pass. And thank you to all our friends in Germany, on this board, and to Macfly for giving me the information to make my own descision about wether to continue driving my car. If I never knew about this I'd be driving the shock towers off it anyway. I'll see my friends in Santa Fe, in my Z8, fix or not.


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    In response Bob

    Andrew, what kind remark is that?
    One born of frustration and anger. I don't care at all being critised to my face, where I can answer the chanrges, but the endless pathetic snide slights on a board where I can't doesn't foster a warm and cuddly feeling! I'm sure it would have been much better unsaid, but in the heat of the moment I said what I felt!
    Andrew Macpherson

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