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Thread: Dinan chip

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    Thumbs up Dinan chip

    The Dinan chip for the Z8 is nothing short of stunning, it totally transforms the mid range, eliminating the glitchy flat spot between 2500-3000 rpm. It also allows you to run to the redline in top gear, which I have guestimated is around 182mph. (closed road course during the Silver State Classic in Nevada)
    At the risk of sounding like a salesman I can promise you this is the best $400 you can spend on the car.
    Andrew Macpherson

    Expert Z8 Inspections, with full support for both Z8 sale and purchases.

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    Thumbs down I don't get it . . .

    . . . even Dinan's website says it - not one bit of power improvements with their chip. What's the big deal about 300 past-the-peak revs? And changing the shape of the line that connects idle to full throttle - that's just a variant on the sport mode switch. And going over 155 - what's that all about, Bonneville?

    I dig Dinan. I've done lots of Dinan stuff on a M3 - chip, throttle body, airbox, strut brace and supercharger. But my local authorized Dinan dealer puts it best - save your engine, maybe save your life because public roads and the people that are on them are generally unsafe when you're doing 180, but mainly, save your money.

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    Thumbs up

    I didn't say it had more power, just that the response to using the throttle was much cleaner, smoother and crisper, especially in the mid range......but I did also hear that there were some problems with the original BMW engine management set up on the 2000 cars (which mine is). If that is the case it could explain why I noticed such a transofmation to the feel of the car.

    If you read the text you'll also notice that the top speed runs were done on a "closed road course". That means closed by the Nevada State Police for the Silver State Classic event, so even though the hiway may be public it was totally private on that day for that event.

    An as for saving one's money, why not just buy a VW Golf, it has four wheels and goes places!!

    Hope that helps on all three thumbs downs!!
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Post later addition to this post......

    I found this interesting little chart, it calculates the engine / road speed in any given gear. Set to the Z8's gear ratios it shows the speeds attainable in each gear.
    On a 100 mile drive on a closed road in Nevada, during the Silver State Classic event, I held the car steady at 6500 rpm in top gear for well over 10 miles. It did it easily, and I assumed the speed was closer to the low 180's than the real speed this chart indicates. That the car felt so stable and able at this speed says a great deal for the overall design.

    I never take my motor above 6500 rpm, infact very rearely over 5500 rpm, even at the track, that's my own personal preference, as I want it to last a long time. I did this one run as I wanted to both know and feel what the answer to every school boy's question really feels like.

    How could you buy a car like this, and not want to experience what it'll do at least once (or twice!).
    Andrew Macpherson

    Expert Z8 Inspections, with full support for both Z8 sale and purchases.

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    Looks like someone is being over-simplistic in their math. I'm sure there are other factors not considered (and very tough to guage) - but this does give you a good idea.

    My guess is your estimate of lower 180's is correct.