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Thread: headlight washer covers

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    headlight washer covers

    Between my two Z8s I have gone through about 5 or 6 headlight washer covers- and they're not very inexpensive. Neither car has ever gone through a carwash (of course), I rarely if ever use the headlight washers so it's not air current blowing them off at speed. They just clip on, as far as I can tell. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone have a suggestion?

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    I had one replaced maybe 10-12 years ago and thats in about 80,000 miles (it had 28K miles when I bought it in 2005 and has no crossed the 106K mile mark) and many, many automatic brushless car washes (oh the horror...), so at least for me it has not been an issue.
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    Headlight washer covers? We have headlight washer covers?!

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    Do the washers actually clean the headlight covers?

    Mine seem to only mess up my freshly washed and waxed car when accidentally bumping the control stalk.
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    Those covers are an ongoing problem here...I lost one on the road a few months ago and bought a replacement that didn't seem to fit. I took the other washer cover off to see how it fits, broke that one AND lost one of the retaining clips somewhere in the hole beneath the pop-up washer cover. I've only recently tried (unsuccessfully) to find a part number for the two clips that hold the cover onto the pop-up washer local dealership was less then helpful, even with my pictures of the assembly. When I get all the parts collected again, I'm thinking a small spot of glue is the trick to keeping the covers on the washer assembly.
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