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Thread: Other roadsters to add to my collection

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    Other roadsters to add to my collection

    2015 Mercedes-Benz SLS-Class AMG GT Final Edition Roadster or 2014 AMG GT SLS Roadster(hell of a lot cheaper with out that ugly wing) Wonder if this would fit in with my Z8's?

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    Ask Ed! He has an SLS

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    I have enjoyed the coupe version of the SLS because of its high level of performance, and itís glorious sound of a NA V8. Much different driving experience relative to the Z8, so from that perspective the SLS compliments the BMW. If youíre going to drive the car the 2014 would be my choice. The final edition was a limited production run commanding higher prices for potential future collectibility. Christian has the roadster version of the SLS and others who own this version of the car love it.
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