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Thread: Somebody buy this thing quick!

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    Wow! Thatís a steal. A few miles, but thatís nothing. Clean auto check so no accidents either. What a great driver! I would think it could sell 20-30K more!
    Skip Hammerman

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    Crazy good deal. As we've seen, these motors can go over 300k miles so this one is just barely broken in. If only it had a red interior......

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    A bargain! If I had the money, I would buy it. Prices are going down, it's a fact. Especially in Europe. There are now many ads under 200 000Ä.

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    That is a great reference site! Thanks!

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    I made an offer at $90,000 but it was rejected. I know it's a bit optimistic, but when you compare it to recent results on BaT ( for instance), the ad price ($108,997) is also a bit high for a car with this mileage. Anyway, $90,000 is my maximum budget. The dealer told me the car is now sold.

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    That's still a great price for the miles!
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Ironically, an e39 M5 with 68k miles would command a premium for having low miles! In reality, this car is just getting broken in. Somebody got a great deal.

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