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Thread: Time Capsule if there ever was one!

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    Time Capsule if there ever was one!

    Alpina with 7 (seven) miles! Will it sell one day and for how much?
    Skip Hammerman

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    Probably the most virginal Z8 in the world. As an Alpina, also commands a significant premium over a standard Z8. And yet, $576,000 is an astounding amount of money for a Z8, Alpina or otherwise. It will certainly sell eventually, but I would think at a substantial discount to the current asking price. Having said that, I am pulling for Marshall Goldman to knock it out of the park!

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    I find the mileage extremely interesting. I picked up my car on European delivery, so I know the dealer didn’t/couldn’t drive it around for giggles and kicks, but had 13 miles on the clock. I was told at that time the cars followed a preset test drive 12 miles long. I guess Alpinas we’re not tested on the same route.🤔
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