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Thread: Soft Top Issue

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    Soft Top Issue

    Has anyone else experienced this issue? It seems like the fabric has come loose but the window is still secured. I can run my finger nail along the rubber seal and slip the fabric back into place but once I open and close the soft top, the seam opens up again. Is this something I can glue myself or should I take it to an upholstery shop?

    Thanks in advance for the insight!

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    It's a common issue and a straightforward fix. The answer of DIY or not depends on you, but personally I'd trust an upholstery shop to have the best glue compound for this.
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    When I experienced this with my original top, I used 3M Auto Black Superstrength Weatherstrip Adhesive to carefully glue the fabric into place within the rubber seal. Had no further issues for the following several years until I replaced the entire top due to other issues.

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    I had it and had it fixed professionally. Took a few minutes and I was good to go.
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    I have the same issue and will try to fix it myself using boomsters suggestion of the 3M adhesive. Seems like a fairly simple DIY fix.

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