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Thread: Leather fading on side of the lower center console

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    Leather fading on side of the lower center console

    Starting to see some fading on the leather just to the right of the shifter and handbrake. Quite interesting that it is doin it on that side as it would get much less wear than the driver side would possibly get even though that really is not a spot that gets much human touch anyway. Any ideas how to dye this back to black? Suggestions or ideas?
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    Based on a recommendation on another thread, I tried on my car. The stuff really works for cleaning and hydrating the leather. I haven't tried the dye yet... Andrew mentioned in an old post that he used shoe polish on his. Haven't tried it, but might work.

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    From my experience, you should really use a dye for leather seats and trim. Black is an easy color to match.

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    Check to see if you have a FibreNew franchisee in your area. Members of the E39 M5 Board have reported good results using them. I think they can come to you.

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