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Thread: Dinan Header Question

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    Dinan Header Question

    I am highly considering purchasing a Z8 in the next few months. The first 10 or so Dinan modified cars seem to have mixed reviews as well as discussions of possible damage to the frame from the installation of the headers One such car is for sale on The advertisement for this car discussed Dinan "second generation" headers Was this Dinan's attempt at an appropriate solution to the first generation? Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Joe

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    I am not sure if I am answering the question but the second generation headers were prototyped on my car and no body/frame modification was done to the car to fit these headers.

    I love them. You only hear them under hard acceleration (I still haven't installed my free flowing Meisterschaft mufflers).
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    That will be a very well set up car, and should provide massive amounts of motoring fun, especially on the quiet open back roads of SoCal.
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