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Thread: Looking for burnt out tail lights

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    Looking for burnt out tail lights

    Hi all,My brother and I run an engineering firm in Los Angeles with backgrounds in high end german restomods and aerospace composites manufacturing, respectively. We're currently working on LED lighting solutions and the Z8 seemed like the perfect place to start, given what seems like infinite headaches among this community with regards to tail lights. Based on all the replacement stories, we are hoping that someone has a spare set of burnt out tail lights they'd be willing to part with temporarily. Please feel free to reach out to me directly for more information or reply on this forum. Thanks!Kaess

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    Sounds great, please post pictures and keep us updated on any other Z8 ideas you're working on.
    Andrew Macpherson

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    This is a wonderful idea, unfortunately I don't have a burned out unit to part to contribute. At one time a few years ago there was a vendor selling modified taillights that used LEDs, the problem was that you could visually see the individual LEDs as opposed the a smooth, uninterrupted bar of light from the neon tube. I would hope that particular issue could be resolved as most Z8 owners will want to maintain a stock appearance of their cars. Good luck, and I hope someone on the forum can help you out.

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    Andrew - sounds good, will do! Boomster - this is exactly the issue we're looking to solve! LED tubes are pretty great in their light diffusion and distribution these days - I think we could get a very nice result.

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    Could you tell us a bit more about any experience you have in upgrading tail lights to LED for other models and what you expect to do for the Z8. I have two sets of used but working US Z8 tail lights. Depending on how far along you are with your project perhaps I could be convinced to take the plunge with one set.

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    Hi Bruno, Thanks for reaching out! My brother Willem spent several years as engineering manager at Singer Vehicle Design, where they designed and fabricated complete light assemblies using low-volume manufacturing methods. The majority of the design and manufacturing tools / techniques will be transferable to this application. The project is in early phases of development - 3D scanning of existing components, lighting integration method development, electrical analysis, photometry assessment, etc. Because the project is fairly early on and we can't guarantee anything like a delivery date, we would be happy to purchase a set of lights from you. I'll message you directly to follow up.RegardsKaess

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    That's a great idea and one I think some folks in German Z8 Club worked on previously when there were no Euro Spec Replacement tail lights available. However, BMW has now made a number of replacement OEM tail lights and plenty are once again available, al beit, at a hefty $3000 USD per tail light as they are now under BMW Classic Division. IF... the LED versions could be done for under that price point, I think most people would be interested should they need to replace. I personally do not have a set to spare for experimentation purposes, given their current replacement costs.
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    "al beit, at a hefty $3000 USD per tail light as they are now under BMW Classic Division."

    But that is included install. Current price is $2400
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    I’ve got one.

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