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Thread: The Trifecta...

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    The Trifecta...

    Long story short, I have an 11,000 mile, silver E46 M3 cab.

    I used to have a E38 750iL which I loved and still miss.

    I always wanted the Z8.

    I was thinking this might be the "Ultimate" set to accumulate - the M3, Z8, and 750iL. Thoughts? If I can find the right Z8 to add to the M3, then I just need the 750iL, and there's -got- to be a low mileage original's out there somewhere.

    They don't share a common designer by chance do they?

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    From your choices, it appears your "trifecta" is limited to BMW vehicles from the late 90's/early 2000's. Using this constraint, my trifecta would consist of the Z8, the E39 M5, and the E31 850csi. All three are icons and appreciating modern classics. I am lacking the 850csi, probably will never own one due to garage limitations. As to designer, Wikipedia lists Boyke Boyer as the designer of the E38, Erik Goplen as the designer of the E46, and, of course, Henrik Fisker as designer of the Z8.

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    Boomster, I know you have seen this 850Csi on BaT snd if I had the money, I would make the garage space... I thanki it is so unique and wonderful with even the quirks.
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    I owned a black 850csi back in 1998-1999. Incredible machine. I loved it. But I saw pics of the Z07 making the show circuit and knew I needed to prepare and sold the 850 to a guy in San Diego.

    If I had funds and space, I would love to have another someday.
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    Interesting from a original owner of a Red imola/black and red interior,2002 M coupe . I collect BMW from 2002 to 2006. Usually comment on BAT Z8s for sale. Why do I collect in such a narrow year range? These are the last of the natural aspirated race bred engines. Whether its a Euro CSL M3 or a 2006 Euro V-10 CSL M6 (betcha you never heard of that one) these are last hurrah of BMWs race based engines in their passenger and sport cars. Of course it was Bangles last design effort. Just as the Porsche air cooled 911s have increased in price this generation of BMW is doing the same. BMW Germany hated the Coupe. They did everything to make sure the Coupe would be slower then the M3 of that era.less horsepower,5 speed rather then a 6 speed,no lSD, 20 year old rear suspension ect. When i get a little bored with Z8s the Coupe always brings a smile on my face..go go Clown Shoe!!! PS. the Z3Mcoupe is a much rarer car then my Z8s (5000 plus Z8s were build)many Z3Mcoupes were used up mileage wise or smashed, just not a lot of MCoupes left. My trifecta is the last of the m54,M v8 and the m v10 engines. [Interesting that we paid 38,000 for Z3mcoupe and now our low mileage coupe is worth upwards to 90,000)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Musta10000 View Post
    Boomster, I know you have seen this 850Csi on BaT
    I saw this car last Sunday at the Petersen at the BaT display and it is very rough!
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    The color appears to be a strong offset to the condition, with five days remaining the current bid is over $100k. The car does not have its original engine or transmission, but that does not appear to be holding it back. I must say, the Dakar Yellow makes for a stunning presentation of the 850, it might be a little too much "hey, look at me!", but it is different and cool.