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Thread: Battery draw down

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    Battery draw down

    If I do not drive my car for 5 days the battery goes dead. Had it checked by Interstate and it is a good battery. Seems like I must have something drawing it down. Any ideas of how to diagnose?

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    Are you locking the car with the key to activate the car alarm? That will deplete the battery over time. Others on the forum have reported that leaving the flashlight in the holder will also draw down the battery. If you don’t know the history of the battery, I would replace it too.
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    Ed - I thought locking actually puts the Z8 to a “sleep mode” and reduces the power consumption saving the battery power. I always lock mine when parked in the garage.
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    Well, huh! I learn something new every time I come on here! For what it's worth, I continue to use Optima battery maintainers on the Z8s because they provide information, not just a red/green LED (but that's only in the rental garage; here at Mondo Condo, my Z4 lives with a Deltran battery tender). I have never had a BMW that didn't have at least some battery drain, and letting a battery sit when it's drawn down will kill it right quick-like.

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