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Thread: Best on line parts source?

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    Best on line parts source?

    What is the concensus on the best site for online factory parts purchasing?

    Few years back, I bought the entire interior wood trim kit for a 850csi i had from a dealer in Pennsylvania for nearly 40% less than my local dealer would allow me to buy it from them. The wood was nearly 7 grand so it added up. Unfortunately, I gave the papers to the buyer and have lost the dealers name and number.
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    What have your experiences been?

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    Been wondering the same

    I've seen a wide range of prices for parts from the BMW dealers.

    A membership in the BMWCCA is a must as it's good for a 10% discount on parts at the dealer.

    Also, is an incredible resource for getting parts numbers.

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    I have used that reference site, it is great, just wish it hooked us up to a dealer.

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    I've been really happy with....

    Dana Caldwell @ Peter Pan BMW - 650 294 2123
    Call him directly, and place an order, and he will also do the CCA Club discount.
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    Here are a few I have used in the past....

    and they can get most any BMW part, including what the Z8 has.

    With the Z8, I have always found it useful to look up the P/N first on to get an idea of a reference price and then call around to the above. They are usually all competitive but you can negotiate free shipping or an upgrade to expedited shipping with some simple negotiation by knowing your base prices first.

    Happy parts hunting!
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