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Thread: Key Battery or Something More Serious?

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    Key Battery or Something More Serious?

    Took the Z8 to Costco the other day and upon returning and attempting to start the key would only move about 1/8th of an inch and not turn the car on. I sat there for 30 minutes try to start it until I finally gave in and called a tow. Tow got there and they were able to turn the steering wheel with out it locking. While the driver was getting the ramps set up I decided to try one last time and it started!

    is this a key battery issue or more serious? Iím not ruling out the key as of now because while the car was being moved out of the parking space the key was in the ignition so Iím thinking there is a chance that the key battery was just low and leaving it in the ignition charged it enough to start the car. The doors were unlocking and locking with the key buttons, so thatís where Iím having doubts. Anyone have a similar experience?

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    That sounds like the key battery issue, but there is also a steering column issue that is similar, so could be either, but sounds like the key charging solved it.
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    I have had occasions with certain cars where I was unable to turn the ignition key without moving the steering wheel slightly within the very limited range afforded by the steering lock. Not certain that this has ever happened with the Z8. Essentially, I moved the wheel side-to-side while maintaining a slight amount of pressure on the key, and eventually you will find the "sweet spot" where the key will be able to turn.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. The issue that Iím having with it being the key battery is that while I couldnít turn the key, I was able to lock and unlock the doors perfectly. When the key battery doesnít have enough juice for the car to recognize it is in the ignition, would it still be able to lock and unlock the doors?

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    My 2002 E39 M5 has the same generation of key as the Z8. One of the two original keys I have for the car has what I believe to be a totally dead battery, it will not remotely unlock the car or pop the trunk, but it will start the engine no problem. If your key will operate the door locks remotely, I tend to believe your problem lies somewhere other than with the key battery.

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    Sounds similar to a problem I once had. Take a look at this thread. It might prove to be helpful.

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