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Thread: Is Joining the European Z8 Club Worth it?

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    Is Joining the European Z8 Club Worth it?

    No offense to anyone here, but it's pretty obvious that this site doesn't get many new posts and is nowhere near the level of rennlist with diy info and whatnot. My question is whether I will find what I see here or something more along the lines of rennlist over at the european Z8 club? Also, is the content going to be in english?

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    You'll have to give it a try and see, I haven't been to the Z8 Club site in ages, I think its all in German, but Google Translate is your friend.

    Rennlist is an awesome research tool and a massive forum. I spent a lot of time there when I was tracking my GT3, and love their site. (If you're on there you should still be able to find me under macfly) They also have the advantage of supporting the ongoing production of a wide range of really fun and fabulous cars, while this site was set up 15 years ago as a resource and meeting place for owners of this single short production run car. At that time there wasn't anything out there except the awful Roadfly forum available to us, and if there had been we'd have used it! It was my frustration with the lack of anything that led me to start this site, and after putting in so much time and effort to make it as great as we could, I'll keep it going as a resource for owners even though I no longer my our Z8's.
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    Is the Euro Club worth it? By that do you mean the approximately $250/year dues?

    At this point, probably not. If you want a european source for information and parts, maybe.

    The Z8 is at a point where a club is going to provide diminishing returns, unless you are active on a social level. Hard to do when you aren't in Germany.

    Roadfly was bad. Of course, that was the early days of site software but Andrew's site was heads and shoulder's above Roadfly in every measurable parameter. (remember OrangeMarlin?)

    I am amazed (and thankful) Andrew has decided to maintain this site, as it is, truly the go-to site for real and helpful information on the Z8. The hysteria has cooled, the original owners, for the most part have sold. The car is rapidly moving towards museum object status.

    I am a Ford guy, Mustangs, Shelbys etc. SAAC is more about restoring and preserving assemblyline correctness than driving the cars as intended. I think it is a natural progression for most specialty cars. I also think this might be accelerated as our culture is moving away from a car-centric society.

    Rennlist? If I needed Porsche support, absolutely. (BTW Porsches, in much greater #s are always going to have more owners actively driving) For Z8s, this is the best. Rarity is limiting participation IMO.
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    As a new one year owner of a Z8 I am very grateful you are investing your time to keep this site open! I keep my car in Long Island and itís been maintained by BMW Southampton. Can anyone recommend any other specialists close by?
    Thank you again.

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    Try M-Chanics in Mineola LI - George works a many M5's with the S62 motor. Many people I know swear by him.

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