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Thread: How rare is your BMW Z8 color combo?

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    How rare is your BMW Z8 color combo?

    First time poster, not an owner but on my list on cars to own if the opportunity comes. In the meantime I only can do research and I've built a calculator which would tell you how rare your particular BMW Z8 is according to the exterior and interior color: ............ The raw information was collected from the BMW ASAP site.

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    Itís seriously flawed in its operation, and itís numbers, but itís a really fun idea.
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    Just a couple of comments-given that your calculator asks if the car is a Z8 or Alpina, there is no need to ask about the transmission as all Z8s were manual and all Alpinas were automatic. Also, the choice you provide for the red paint color is "light red", the actual BMW description for the red paint option is "Hellrot", which translates to "bright red". I appreciate you showing a deep interest in our wonderful Z8s!

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    Thanks for the feedback. I've updated the color accordingly. The calculator is built in a generic way for any type of user, given it should disable the fields according the selection but that's just a technical limitation there is. However numbers outputted are correct and each given an explanation.

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