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Thread: New Z8 Owner In Dallas

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    New Z8 Owner In Dallas

    Z8 Club Members:

    I recenty purchased an Ď03 Alpina Blue/Crema Z8 (originally sold in Canada). Iíve been a Z8 admirer for many years and Iím excited to join your ranks. Iíve already talked to Andrew several times and heís been extremely helpful.

    My car needs some restoration/repair work so Iím in the process of getting estimates.

    Iíd like to make contact with local Z8 owners in Dallas who can offer recommendations on independent repair shops who have Z8 expertise. Let me know if any of you can help.

    I look forward to participating in future club events and meeting some of you.



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    Hi Kevin,I bought my car from the previous owner who lived in Grapevine. He had the car for 16 years and always used Classic BMW in Plano. I dealt with their head of service John Kobell during the purchase and he is a Z8 owner and enthusiast. They look after a lot of Z8's there.I know it's not independent but they clearly have good experience of what is a rare car. Hope this helps.RegardsPeter

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    Thanks Peter. Iím definitely considering Classic for a meaningful portion of the repair work.

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    Kevin, congratulations to your acquisition and welcome to the joys and pains of Z8 ownership.

    i can highly recommend Classic BMW in Plano. John Kobell, the companyís General Manager, is a passionate Z8 owner himself and Patrick Arnold would be your know it all, seen it all and fixed it all Z8 service champion.

    Calling all North Texas/Oklahoma Z8 owners for a long overdue get together!

    Our Z8 adventures over the years have been fabulous. This would be a great occasion to rekindle the flame.

    Happy motoring,

    2001 Z8

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    Awesome, we need more pictures for the site, get some meets going! :-)
    Andrew Macpherson

    Expert Z8 Inspections, with full support for both Z8 sale and purchases.

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    Thanks for the endorsement Christian. Iím fully engaged with Pat at Classic.

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    New Z8 Owner in Dallas

    Quote Originally Posted by Ksteph90 View Post
    Thanks for the endorsement Christian. Iím fully engaged with Pat at Classic.
    Kevin,Welcome to the group and as the owner of 3 Z8s, I also endorse Classic and Pat Arnold. I live in Houston and for anything major, I take them to Classic BMW, other than oil, coolant, brake fluid changes.Good luck and look forward to meeting you soon.Manuel Junco
    Manuel Junco 2001 Z8 60373 (Silver/Black)2001 Z8 60430 (Silver/Red)1976 20022017 Porsche Carrera GTS1998 Porsche Carrera S

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    Thanks Manuel!

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    Welcome, and congrats on your purchase. I have been going to Pat Arnold at Classic BMW since I bought my car in 2011. Fixed a nasty problem with the fuel door. Check out the threads on the performance package. Let me know if you would like to try to get a group drive together.
    Charles Guerin
    AH61406 - Titanium Silver/ /Black

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