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    Thumbs up Car Covers

    I have been using a California Car Covers 'Carcoon' for the past three years, and have been very happy with it. The plastic bubble means nothing is resting on the paint, and the fan keeps the air circulating. The air slowly 'leaks' out of the zipper, ensuring a constant clean air circulation. (Top picture - nb: Euro Z8 on the left is no longer with me, I swapped it for a 911 GT3)

    Ufuk has been using one of their stretch to fit covers on his car, made in red, in the three shots below. You can choose your fabric and material online here.

    This link is also a useful resource for Z8 specialy covers.
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    Car Cover Care

    I've noticed that my car is dustier after removing my original BMW cover than when I park it , and suspect that the inner lining has accumulated dirt and dust from years of use. I use it only when the car is clean, but the clean inner and dirtier outer surfaces must touch when I take it off. Has anyone tried to wash these covers? I would hate to have it wrinkle up or get ruined, but I won't use it anymore as it is now.

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    Dust stop

    There is a new material, like NOAH, only called dustop. I have these covers for my Z8 and my ALFA and they really do stop dust from accumulating under covers.

    I aslo have NOAH and a very old cotton one -- from MG Mitten, it anyone remembers them (and no, its not for the MG). Dust seams to collect under these faste than if the car is left uncovered. I suspect this is because they allow dust to filter through them and collect in the static air under the cover.

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    interesting how dust accumulates under a cover...I'm going to ask my wife if I can put the car in our never gets dusty there

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    I can vouche for the California car cover (in the picture above). Perfect fit and they have various type of finish and colours.