Complete Final Drive Assembly - $300

Back in 2006 I upgraded to the Cartridge-Quaife Limited Slip Differential and 3.64 gears. To make the install as easy as possible, I ordered a remanufactured complete final drive (carrier, diff, gears, etc.) from BMW Germany. That unit was gutted to build Cartridge unit. Then I pulled the original complete final drive from my car, and the new unit was installed. The unit being sold is my original Final Drive with about 5,000 miles of usage.

If you're looking to do an LSD build or just have a back up unit (I know of one that failed in May of 2015), this would be a good unit to store away. I know of one such unit that failed on the way to Monterey a few years back.

It's a big lump in my garage, and I'd like it not to be.

Shipping's probably not pleasant. So, local Bay Area would be best, but we can figure out US/Canada I'm sure.