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    Frankfurt IAA

    I was fortunate to have access to the Frankfurt IAA during the press conferences through Mercedes-Benz's Circle of Excellence program. With this early access, my son and I attended the press conferences for Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Audi. We would have attended the BMW press conference too, but it was about a 15 minute walk to the other side of the fairgrounds and we would have missed the introduction of AMG's Project One hypercar. The MB press conference included a band to warm up the crowd, followed by chairman Dieter Zetsche (Dr Z) showcasing future products including a self piloting car and helicopter and ended with Lewis Hamilton driving Project One onto the stage!

    Here are some images from this event. Enjoy!
    i8 new color
    Name:  IAA_i8_yellow.jpg
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    Name:  IAA-i8.jpg
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    Z4 Concept
    Name:  IAA_Z4_Concept.jpg
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    Name:  IAA_M5.jpg
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    M8 (My personal favorite car of the show)
    Name:  IAA_M8.jpg
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    M8 Sport
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    Project One
    Name:  IAA_P1_front.jpg
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    Name:  IAA_P1_rear_side2.jpg
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    Name:  P!_rear.jpg
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    Maybach Carbriolet
    Name:  IAA_Maybach_concept.jpg
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    Name:  IAA_Maybach_wheel.jpg
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    MB Concept Car from 1970's
    Name:  IAA_MB_rotary_concept.jpg
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    Name:  IAA_570S.jpg
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    Name:  IAA_720.jpg
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    AMG GT3
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    Brabus 300SL Gullwing (Restoration Services)
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    GT3 Touring (Replacement for 911R)
    Name:  IAA_GT3_Touring.jpg
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    Name:  IAA_911GT2_RS.jpg
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    Name:  IAA_Chiron.jpg
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    Chiron Powertrain
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    Name:  IAA_RS5.jpg
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    My Best,


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    Ed, you lucky dog!!!!
    C.A. Cardenas (AKA Dan)
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    Wow, wow and wow, and most of all thank you for sharing, what an awesome set of new cars this year has revealed!
    Andrew Macpherson

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    Nice Ed! Thank you for sharing. What do you think of the new GT3 Touring?

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    I am happy to share these pictures!

    On the GT3 Touring, it was placed offstage while the newly updated Cayenne was the focus of the press conference. When the Touring was announced, the cover was removed and the camera was turned to it so folks could have a better look through the monitors. My take, Porsche emphasized its SUV because that's the product where it will make its money.

    My impression is the GT3 Touring is the ultimate "sleeper" in the 911 lineup. That said, I personally like the new standard 991.2 GT3 with its rear wing and optional 6-speed manual transmission.
    My Best,


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    Agree. I guess the clamor for manual transmission is still significant. I hope there will be some that come to our shores.

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    I think plenty will come state side. A friend is getting his in March! Looking forward to driving it.

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    I would if I could too, sounds like a perfect sports car, can't wait to hear what you think of it Ian.
    Andrew Macpherson

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