My two daughters and I just returned from a fabulous bike ride along the Cabrillo (#1) highway South of Big Sur. As everyone surely knows, this is one of the top drives in the world. It is currently in a unique state to be fully appreciated by cyclists and drivers alike as it is mostly closed between Big Sur and Gorda to the South. Although there are a few cars, most of the route is deserted and ready to be experienced like one rarely can.

In order to drive in, you must take the equally spectacular Nacimiento-Ferguson road. I strongly encourage anyone who is close by to go check it out - you can also rent eBikes on the North end, fly into SFO and rent a supercar, or drive your Z8 if you happen to be lucky enough to live in the area. Post Ranch Inn will even helicopter you in if you are so inclined - but I do not think they have had the foresight to equip themselves with vehicles for their guests to experience the area... yet.

Although it is incredibly unfortunate that the road was forced to close due to a series of natural disasters, the local businesses are definitely struggling so, if you go, please enjoy the services and engage with the friendly folks that live along this magnificent coast. They were certainly very appreciative to accommodate the three of us!

Enjoy and drive safe - many cyclists on the road!

PM me if you want to get any specific tips as I know and absolutely love this area... thinking of heading down again from Vancouver and taking my own advice before the North bridge reopens in mid-October.