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Thread: Appraisal for Insurance. Would like information

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    Appraisal for Insurance. Would like information

    Hi, I am new to the board. I own a 2001 black and crema Z8. It was the first Z8 to arrive in Colorado. The car has 8,000 miles. With the prices on these cars above their original sale price, and in some cases twice their original price, I'd like to have my car appraised to increase my insurance on the vehicle. Has anyone done this? Does anyone know of appraisers in Colorado that could do a good job and are recognized by the insurance industry? Thanks

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    I would say any classic insurance company like Chubb or Hagarty could be good, but also State Farm are also exceptionally good, and as I have seen on several occasions they value our vehicles very fairly indeed.
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    I went with Hagarty

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