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Thread: Leather conditioner

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    Leather conditioner

    Any recommendations for leather conditioner? Do you also use leather conditioner on the dashboard?



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    Because our leather is silicon impregnated it is best to use a silicon safe leather treatment. Leatherique is very popular and I have used it a lot with good results.
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    I prefer Bick 4, although I have enough Leatherique to last a lifetime....

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    This thread is 4+ years old, so what is the current consensus on proper leather treatment for the Z8?
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    I like Sonax foaming spray for light duty "every day" cleaning. Works great and does not leave any residue. Available form Amazon or their site.
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    I still use the Leatherique. Works great.

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    +1 on Leatherique for a deep clean. The seats on my 30k mile Z8 were showing some wear a few years ago. I left the leatherique on for a couple weeks with multiple re-applications. After a couple weeks I hit it with the product leatherique calls prestine clean and a leather brush. The seats came out looking like new.

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    I am planning on conditioning the leather shortly. Looking over the interior, What is NOT leather that appears to be leather?
    Is section behind seats leather? Center transmission tunnel cover (lower section).
    To me, looks like everything is leather other than fabric or hard plastic

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    I am pretty sure everything that looks like leather is indeed leather.

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