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Thread: BMW Mystery Fires

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    BMW Mystery Fires

    I came across this article today. Anyone heard about this before?

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    Sorry, there is no frame issue.
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    Oh, my stars and garters! I'd better get rid of these Molotov cocktails beforeó

    Wait, ABC News: Aren't they the guys who used a UCLA test in which a Ford was DELIBERATELY rammed and artificially ignited (in order to study fire damage to interiors) to claim that it wasn't just Pintos that were rolling barbecues? Why, yes, yes, it was: click here.

    My commentary in reaction to Chicken Little Journalism runs in Roundel Weekly on Tuesday.

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    Hah, glad to see your fine memory is keeping them on point!!
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    40 fires over 5 years. Seems to be a non story. There are approximately 300+automobile fires per day in the US. This number seems to not be much of a story.
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