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Thread: Economy, car values, etc, etc.

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    Economy, car values, etc, etc.

    I wanted to share these two posts as they seem very relevant to all of us. I can't vouch for the information, but they both make a very good sense and may help inspire a better way to navigate the coming years.
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    Collector car prices do seem to be frothy and may well show some correction over the next few years. Having said that, in my experience pretty much all asset classes, including real estate, equities, art, etc. tend to have their ups and downs over time. But after each cycle, the end point tends to be higher than the previous cycle.

    Like most of the people on this forum, I have purchased my cars to fulfill a passion for a particular vehicle. Some were subsequently sold at a profit, some were sold at a loss. Overall, I have probably broken even over the 35 years I have been active in the hobby. So in comparison to most activities (boat ownership particularly comes to mind!), cars have been a pretty good deal. And the real return has been the fun involved in the ownership experience, including finding them, driving them, learning about their history, working on them, and interacting with other owners and car lovers.


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