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Thread: Factory Fitted Alarm Model Number

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    Factory Fitted Alarm Model Number

    Hi all,

    According to online documentation a UK supplied BMW Z8 would be fitted with a "DWA MY 99" factory alarm from BMW.

    Can anybody tell me if all vehicles had this same alarm including US spec cars?

    I need to know for my insurance company.

    Many Thanks


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    I don't know the answer to that, but if you can find it anywhere it'll be in the technical training manual, third one down, in this link -

    If its not in there have a look at some of the other PDF's there. like the full parts book.
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    Peter, I do not know answer to that question - but have you tried calling any BMW service? I think they should be able to tell you part name based on your VIN

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    Andrew / Stefan,
    Thanks for your replies. I managed to resolve it using the training manual and the handbook and other forum posts. The system is identical functionally apart from the US version does not have the movement sensor inside the vehicle. The alarm module is the same.

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