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Thread: Okay, what's the current Hot Setup for iPhone music?

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    Okay, what's the current Hot Setup for iPhone music?

    Dudes and dudettes:

    About a year ago, Musta 10000 posted a report on the Audiovox unit that uses the CD harness (see Post #64 of this thread.) Now that I have gained some facility at the removal of the CD player and the bin that surrounds itódon't try it in that order! It can be done, but you'll be sorry!óI am wondering if this would work better than any other solution.

    The only thing that bothers me is a connection harness that seems to be twelve or fifteen feet long. Is there a shorter adapter cable? Is it possible to shorten this cable?

    As I say far too often, how hard could it be?

    Your suggestions, input, and dire warnings would be most welcome!

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    Satch - the long cable is not really an issue as it all will easily fit inside the CD player cubby hole (the player is removed as the cable hooks into the CD control cable. The only issue I am having that I have to recharge the iPod between the drives as it does not continuously keep charging (as it does in my 911 so it is not the player itself). This could be in the dip switch set-ups of the Audiovox box, but I have not figured that out. I just unplug it between the drives (overnight on road trips) and the music goes on. Rock on!

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