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Thread: Best Way to Sell 2002 Z8?

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    Best Way to Sell 2002 Z8?

    Hi Fellow Z8 Owners - I am reaching out to you to ask for advise on how best to sell my 2002 Silver/Red Z8. Six Speed. 16,600 miles. Perfect condition. All the accessories (windscreen, hardtop and stand, phone, CD, car cover, etc..) plus the original red-leather bound factory book and unused red floor mats. I bought it in 2002 with only 750 miles on it from a well-known Southern California car collector.

    I am not a car gal but love BMW's (M5 owner too) and bought it for its classic beauty and breathtaking driving experience. I have kept it safely garaged and properly maintained by BMW. It's now on commission at BMW Santa Rosa CA for $198,000. I want to cut the price but don't know the best way to handle it. I don't want to chase it but don't want to hurt the secondary market for you all either; I truly believe I had priced it right. But want to sell it. Any advise? I'm thinking about EBAY.

    Thank you so much for any help you can give me.


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    A few thoughts for your consideration. I would not cut the price at this time for what sounds like a great car. Instead I would let the consignment contract run its course at your price and then try again in the Spring when folks are more prone to buy a convertible. I would contact Andrew too given his knowledge of the Z8 and his connection to potential buyers that seek his advise. I don't know BMW of Santa Rosa, but there is a consignment dealership near my home in San Carlos I would also recommend because you'd have Silicon Valley folks with more disposable income looking at your car.

    I hope any of this is helpful to you.
    My Best,


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    Hi Ed - Thanks. Very helpful. The consignnent contract has already expired and I do like your San Carlos suggestion. I know Santa Rosa not to be best market but was convenient to my wine country home. Lesson learned. If not sold soon, Ill take it to better spot next Spring. Thanks again.

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