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Thread: Prevent Road Chips/Scratches on your car

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    Prevent Road Chips/Scratches on your car

    I have a question to a lot of the folks that drive your Z8's. How do you prevent road chips (dings, stones scratching paint) on your car while driving. It seems every time i take out my car, i get a new chip and i am not driving on bad roads! I know i am doing something wrong but have no idea what that is. Any suggestions?

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    Some people use a so-called "clear bra", a transparent vinyl-like material which is wrapped onto the forward facing surfaces of a car. It protects the paint from small flying debris, and can be removed without damaging the paint. Personally, I don't use a clear bra, but I make it a point when driving my favorite cars to allow a significant gap between the car ahead of me so that sand, gravel, and other debris kicked up by that vehicle can fall back onto the roadway rather than sandblasting the front of my car.


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    You are right....leave a significant gap. That is my problem, i have not been doing that. With all the construction in our area, with dump trucks on the highway, small stones fly off the trucks. That is what happened yesterday! Thanks Sandy

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