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Thread: Meyle vs OEM Thrust Arm Bushings??

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    Meyle vs OEM Thrust Arm Bushings??

    I will soon need to replace my thrust arm bushings. A post several years ago recommended Meyle all rubber bushings over the OEM fluid filled bushings. It also recommended against polyurethane bushings as too harsh for normal (i.e., non-track) driving. Has anyone used the Meyle replacement bushings? How have they performed and how have they lasted?
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    I had the harder polyurethane bushings for 10 years, and liked them very much as they sharpened up the steering, and made the car feel a bit more precise during enthusiastic driving.
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    I have just gone through a new set of bushings in my 7,000 miles of ownership. Hello SF Bay Area roads. It was suggested that the fluid filled bushings are prone to leaking and that it "pays" to have them replaced with after market ones that are not fluid filled.
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